• Smeraldo

    “The Truth Untold” is based on the story of the Smeraldo flower. Yes, there are rumors that BTS made this up for their BU storyline. This was a poetry class topic Sorrow and i have wanted to write this poem a long time now. The story is so sad.

  • My BTS Story

    I am 40 yo mixed media artist and cancer survivor. I deal with anxiety and depression. I do therapy weekly and my therapist told me in 2019 when i found BTS and army that i had found a great support group. =0}

  • My Life Would Never Be the Same

    Hi Army!!  My name is Lindsay, I’m in my 30s, am a mama to an amazing 4 year old, and live in Alabama.  In late 2021, my husband and I were binge watching Squid Game. This may sound so random, but something about the Korean culture and language sparked interest in me. Somehow from there, it led me on a path…

  • Forever home

    I found my home in 2020 when I lost my interest in all the things which I once loved.  The day I found them I felt like there is a person who can listen to me and I can run to them when I feel at my lowest.  Found in 2020 December with Fake love song and the most I fall…

  • Magnificent moon and a star who admires it.

    Beautiful things happen at the most unexpected times, they say. That’s what exactly happened to me 3 years ago. When I was just 14 with no clue of how cruel life can be. Me discovering bts was accidental yet it was fate. It was like they knew that the time will come when she will need us the most and bam!…

  • Nepenthe

    Nepenthe; (n.) An ancient Greek work defined as a medicine for sorrow. A place, person or a thing which can aid in forgetting your pain and suffering.

  • Amethyst

    Amethyst Finally entering a medical college felt nothing less than a dream come true but little did I know of what was to come my way.  Although the beauty of the subjects always left me in awe, there came a time when the darkness was all that I could see. Broken friendships, shattered trust, kept torturing my heart as tears dripped…

  • I called and they came

    BTS are like my savior they came to me when I’m in the dire need of help. I lost my mother in 2018 and she was the only person who loved and support me, without her my toxic family is unbearable my father hates me, he don’t even like me and my brother he just wants to get rid of me…

  • My only salvation

    I don’t even know from where to start,where to end.These seven guys changed my life,changed myself.Maybe I got into them just like I got into any other things but never knew they would become my one and only salvation.I learnt to see the beauty in people because of them.I learnt to see the potentials on every person because of them.I learnt…

  • The Rabbit Hole

    I can't really explain why I fell in love with these guys. I am so obsessed with them that in all honesty, I just want to be home watching them. I feel close to them. I simply cannot put those feelings into words.

  • BTS: my angels

    Bantang boys, they really saved me from my depression, trauma and hating myself. I can say that they are the reason I didn’t end my life. you know people say that when god is busy and can’t come to help you, he sends his angels to you, I guess this seven boys were sent by him into my life to rescue…

  • BTS helped me heal after my parents died

    BTS’s music, their friendships, their relationship with ARMY, and their message of hope and self-love lifted me out of a deep, dark pit of despair. I still have bad days, but when I do, I listen to BTS’s music or watch their videos and I feel comforted. It becomes zero o’clock.

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