My only salvation

I don’t even know from where to start,where to end.These seven guys changed my life,changed myself.Maybe I got into them just like I got into any other things but never knew they would become my one and only salvation.I learnt to see the beauty in people because of them.I learnt to see the potentials on every person because of them.I learnt to respect people because of them.They made me see the beauty of world,they made me see the beauty in the beast.Despite being far away,they are the closest one I have.When your own people make you see the worst in yourself but those seven guys make you see the best in yourself:what else should someone need to say.They are healing something they didn’t break.They are helping me so much to go forward,chase my dream and not to give up for anyone.They are the only people I can emotionally depend on now.And that’s why I call them my only salvation.

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