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I realize that numerous souls played an instrumental role (no matter how big or small), so if I’ve inadvertently left you off the list, I offer my heartfelt apologies. And if I’ve overlooked an acknowledgement of copyright, please advise and I’ll be happy to rectify any oversight on my behalf.


  • To Jessica and Kai-Ann Carney for instigating my love affair with BTS. It all began with you. There would be no one else to thank if not for that first glimpse into heaven.
  • My husband Lee for tolerating my obsessiveness, and eventually succumbing to the fact that you’d have to live with it. You’ve been wonderful!
  • Susan Finn @HappyOlderArmy for being my second, all important set of eyes, and good friend. Thank you for your time, effort, and editing skills.
  • To @btsmommy305 for her idea of adding a whale to the book cover. Nice final touch.
  • To my new sponsor, The Comfy Sweatshirt, for supporting my project. I hope we can have a very fruitful relationship.
  • To Farwakbar of Fivrr, who did a wonderful job converting my paperback to an Ebook. So professional and oh so sweet. I even made her curious about BTS. Will she be future ARMY? 
  • To all my Twitter moots (in no particular order): @TinyRedRabbit, @SeesawGame248, @MamafanBTS, @SaveMeSh0rty_7, @emacias001, @MommyArmy4, @KmSeokJen, @ot7ipurpleu, @SKprincess75, @StillSatu, @nonalogy7, @KTHsKitKat, @pentahomechaser, @myflowerjinn, @luckygirimom, @bts_love_myself, @JeannetteChips, @kathyflora, @BeccaIsMe7177, @BTS_is_my_CURE, @smego155, @luvmusicVA, @Sabatij, @nvr2L8_YF, @Marahrose2, @ValisaMarie, @BTSARMYMICHIGAN
  • Loving callout to Mikrokosmos, the first DM I joined on Twitter. The six of you will always have a special place in my purple heart: @BTSMamaChrissie, @TessArmyMom7, @cypherluscious, @StillParis, @i_lovely_Sarah, @ukARMYmum
  • Extra special thanks to:  @littlemeowidaD2, @sarahwarrengill, @BestOfMeBestOfU, @BangtanRoss7, @ukARMYmum, @DopeOldPerson, @srohlett, @btsmommy305, @Dessytothemax, @c0nnie_j, @nocturnal_ly, @anyyaggi, @SUGAsChampagne, @techteachkorea, @StefanieBe_, @gratefulforbts, @letstalkabtsuga, @Munecavalerio, @HappyOlderArmy, and @Somin_Park007 for translating the book title to Hangul – 방탄소년단 발견 : 예기치 않은 여정
  • Extra, extra beyond all measure thanks to my special DM – IBIS. For without our group of seven, this book would have never come to fruition. First is @Whisper1204. You were THE one who gave me the inspiration, and for that, I am forever grateful. And of course the other five beautiful human beings, @popfrench_7, @goldilocks81, @BootlegLady, @angylize, @Vickie7BTS, who continually lift me up each day.
  • Suga filled hugs and kisses to my BETA testers – @StillParis, @BTSMamaChrissie & IBIS! It was a bit touch and go just before we went live, and I couldn’t have done it without your help and support!
  • And of course to everyone who takes the time to share their wonderful and heartfelt stories with me. This site and book are all about you.
  • To WP User Front-End. This killer WordPress plug-in allows my users to login and share their BTS stories with me. And also Ashe Pro for their wonderful and intuitive theme template. Due to both, I was able to get my website up and running quickly and easily. Super software – 5 stars!
  • And last but not least, to BTS members, Kim Nam Joon, Kim Seok Jin,
    Min Yoon Gi, Jung Ho Seok, Park Ji Min, Kim Tae Hyung, & Jeon Jung Kook. Where do I begin? You’ll just have to wait until the book is published…

Photo and Music Credits

Please note: I’ve sent a letter of inquiry to Lee and Ko, who represent BigHit Entertainment regarding photographic infringement and BTS, in order to obtain permission to use BTS photographs on this site.

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