Discovery of the Bests!

I always wants to tell everyone How fond I am of BTS and How they are the BEST EXISTING HUMANS! 

I am not an old Army, but by this time I am writing it , 30 May 2023, I have became A proper ARMY! 

It was back in December, I had a college Sports Event, there they Played Dreamers by Jungkook! I really liked the song alot. I started listening it alot

I knew about existence of BTS back in 2019 and over the time I heard their Top trending songs , Dynamite and Butter. But I never followed them. But the Winter break of 2022 was the best, because I found them in that time, I discovered How I can Love myself and they taught it to me, I am Proudly an OT7 . BTS for me was what I never thought I needed but when it came to my life, I felt Happy like never before. Watching Run BTS, felt like Home, Listening to their songs and later their Solos, which were definitely another language, still seems understandable. They had deep meanings, they gave the motivation , what I really needed!

I can’t thank enough to The Members.I have written alot but still I think I haven’t explained enough of my feelings, And I Really have no Words to express the gratitude for them. 

I am an ARMY who really wishes the Best for them. I hope they stay happy forever, no one could hurt them! 

Thanks to BTS members for healing What they never broke! You are the 7 gems, that are absolutely priceless and we ARMY never want to lose them.

  • Pakistan