My BTS Story

I am 40 yo mixed media artist and cancer survivor. I deal with anxiety and depression. I do therapy weekly and my therapist told me in 2019 when i found BTS and army that i had found a great support group. =0} I am almost 5 yrs cancer free now. I did chemo. I had colon cancer stage 3. I am a spiritual person and my shaman friend told me think about why u got this illness if its not genetic. And I did get my answer eventually. It was to prepare me to help my mom through her journey. My mom has stage 4 breast cancer metastasis. It is treatable but not curable. She is in treatment currently. I go with her to her appointments. It has been really hard but BTS and army are always there and i feel happy while I am stressed out, lol. BTS makes me calm. I love them and army so much. I live with my family and my mom though getting better physically is unstable mentally. It’s a roller coaster weekly sometimes daily. She makes me emotional. With BTS I am trying to learn to love myself because i don’t. Growing up with my mom I understand why I am as I am. I love my therapist because she lets me talk BTS. =0p BTS and army give me strength to deal with my mom’s many moods. She is confused sometimes. Has terrible memory. I am praying often about her health.  She has many brain tumors but refuses to do an MRI. Mom is in denial. I fought hard for her to live and she lived 2 more years. I want her to live as long as possible. I do love her even though i am mad at her, confused by her, and frustrated by her, hurt too. Life can be so complicated. My ult bias is Jimin, Suga wrecker, OT7. Boy with Luv ft. Halsey was my intro song. The live she did with the guys in May 1, 2019 on the BBMAS stage award show was it for me. I was in love with the sound, choreo and Jimin! Lol. I am still learning more about BTS and army. I am making more army friends in my city. I feel blessed. Borahae. 💜 – Marina L. NY USA 2019 Army

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