BTS: my angels

Bantang boys, they really saved me from my depression, trauma and hating myself. I can say that they are the reason I didn’t end my life. you know people say that when god is busy and can’t come to help you, he sends his angels to you, I guess this seven boys were sent by him into my life to rescue me.  Today because of them I’m smiling again. I may joined the fandom late but I found them when I really needed them in my life. even today they are the only reason because of whom I end my day with a smile on my face and a hope in my heart. thank you, thank you so much for saving me from ending my self and believing that life is more beautiful if you love yourself. they taught me a lot in my life. my parents don’t know this things  therefore I would also thank you on behalf of them for saving their daughter. they deserves all kind of happiness because they are the reason behind millions of smiles. I hope to meet them someday and thank them personally,


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