Finally entering a medical college felt nothing less than a dream come true but little did I know of what was to come my way.  Although the beauty of the subjects always left me in awe, there came a time when the darkness was all that I could see. Broken friendships, shattered trust, kept torturing my heart as tears dripped endlessly from those swollen eyes. Saying a sincere prayer I feel asleep that night on a pillow soaked in pain, little did I know that things would flip very soon. 

Scrolling through the internet the very next day, I paused as a song captured my attention to an extent that I froze. “Make it right” by bts was being played and the lyrics hit me so hard, tears swelled up again, with trembling hands I clicked on the next song which was ” we are bulletproof the eternal” and when I tell you the way I cried that day felt so reliving becuase those tears were not of pain but of the joy of being finally understood. 

I just had to find out who they are,  I had decided and I browsed endlessly to find my beloved 7, a band called BTS. From starting to search up their names I never realised when I was laughing so loud to their run bts episodes but this time recognizing them even with their mere voices. 

As time passed, I realised how much I’ve grown from what broke me, how not a single one of those who ripped me apart could bother me even for a second, how my scars were finally healing beautifully. Watching their episodes, listening to their music and hearing their incredible stories ignited such a flame in me that I was even more driven towards my career and towards taking care of myself- something i hadn’t done in years. 

From meeting my first army friend to being a part of their shows at theatres, from downloading weverse to watching all their lives, from using subtitles to learning Korean; it’s all been such a dreamy and beautiful journey.

I know for certain that my prayers were answered that night and I can never thank God enough of that nor will I ever stop praying for those 7 beautiful souls that he’s created. Those boys who are saving millions through their music and fighting through all the hate, promoting self love and to live a happy and healthy life.

All that’s left is now to see them in person and hopefully I’ll do so with my wonderful army friends for the next concert after 2025 when all my boys finally reunite. Looking forward to that day when I will be successful myself and will walk up and tell these boys a big thank you for being there and giving me such a tight hug through their music when I really needed it. I truly appreciate you all, Namjoon, Jin, Suga, Jhope, Jiminie, Taehyungie and our Jungkookie. If you ever read this then just know that my prayers and love for you will remain always and forever. God bless you my love, my amethyst.


With loads of love,

Venchal Gomes

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