Magnificent moon and a star who admires it.

  1. Beautiful things happen at the most unexpected times, they say. That’s what exactly happened to me 3 years ago. When I was just 14 with no clue of how cruel life can be. Me discovering bts was accidental yet it was fate. It was like they knew that the time will come when she will need us the most and bam! They made an entry in my life right before everything went downhill. From becoming mature to realising how tiring and hard life can be, I couldn’t bear it. When I look in the mirror and all my insecurities laugh and mock back at me, I couldn’t bear it. During my most toughest times I found my comfort in them. They made me feel beautiful. They made me feel safe. They gave birth to a hope in me that life is not always about struggles and hardship and pain. You have good moments too, you can be happy too. They made me realize I deserve to be happy. Since I discovered them 3 years ago till now they never failed to make me feel like home. They are my comfort place. I get hurt then I run to them and they are always waiting with their arms wide open to comfort and save me from this world which can be cruel sometimes. I love them for everything they were, are and will be. I love them for making me feel beautiful, for making me feel I can do it!, for remaining me how much me as in an army mean to them. There are many times I feel worthless,  like I’m not enough  but then I read their messages they post for armies on weaverse and I feel so important. Genuinely Noone made me feel like I’m important or that they are happy I exist in fact it’s the opposite.  But BTS who live millions of miles away from me made me feel important. Made me feel confident in my self. They made me laugh in my sad times. I remember when I would have worst days and in that whole day only looking at their faces and smiles would make me smile. In short , there were times when they were the only reason I smiled Genuinely.  I’m so thankful I found BTS in my life. If not for them I’m not sure I would even make It out alive out of that dark place I was stuck in. I’m yet going through a tough phase right now but I promised them I’d make it out of this alive too. I would make BTS proud one day. That’s my only wish. I’ll try my best for it. My love for BTS is beyond anyone’s understanding, even my own. I love them so much I cannot describe it in words. But I’ll try tho….
  2. My love for BTS is like problems in life. It’ll never go away. 
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