My Life Would Never Be the Same

Hi Army!! 

My name is Lindsay, I’m in my 30s, am a mama to an amazing 4 year old, and live in Alabama. 

In late 2021, my husband and I were binge watching Squid Game. This may sound so random, but something about the Korean culture and language sparked interest in me. Somehow from there, it led me on a path to pulling up BTS and listening for the very first time (and after seeing them on Carpool Karaoke – I couldn’t stop watching it!! I had to know more about these 7 people.) *note my immediate bias was Jimin 

I started my first entire listen through going back to the beginning and working my way through each album. It was honestly a bit overwhelming at first as I have never been a fan of rap/hip hop. But the more I went on, the more I started getting hooked deeper and deeper. 
*immediate bias wrecker – Yoongi and now some of my favorite tracks are the rap tracks! 

BTS says you find them at exactly the right time. Little did I know how true that would be. Early 2022 I was hit with a scary health situation. I found myself anxious, stressed, worried, and other than my beautiful family the only thing that pulled me through was BTS. I listened to their music constantly, I started watching all of their videos and Run BTS specifically. They kept me laughing, crying, assuaged my anxiety in a whole new way. Before I knew it, I was doing a full deep dive of their music, reading all of the lyric translations, immersing myself in BTS. I’m constantly watching, listening, learning about the culture (really interested in learning more of the language so that may be a next project!) I have ordered Korean snack boxes and taste tested, found a favorite local Korean restaurant, and truly enjoy trying all the new things and really connecting to BTS in any way possible. I also got a BTS tattoo (with another planned.)

I started sending my sister some videos and very quickly pulled her into ARMY right along with me. Then Yoongi announced his tour, and I immediately texted her asking would she get on a plane with me and with zero hesitation she said yes. After going through what I did in 2022, and BTS helping me discover myself, love myself, I was ready to put the fear and anxiety aside and live. Say yes. Get on the plane. So we flew to Chicago and we ended up seeing two of his shows! Words can’t express how amazing the experience was. ARMY has to be the best fan base, hands down. We met so many lovely people, got our first little freebies and photocards, got our first army bombs!!! It was incredible. I still get sad that I haven’t had the chance to see all 7 in concert, but I will forever be grateful to my sister for jumping right in with me and forever grateful to the 7 amazing humans that are BTS. And I will be here waiting, forever an ARMY. 

I stumbled upon your first book and related to your story in so many ways so I am so grateful to get the chance to share mine!

Borahae 💜🫰🏻

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