This is Army.

I think we were in middle school and my twin sister and I heard chatter about Korean bands.

We started following many groups at that time. Ah, but we loved BTS in a different way.

“You found them when you needed them the most” It’s true!

BTS’ behavior with fans was great, I felt like I have a great friend and a special family! The fans themselves were also very friendly.

We smiled with your good mood and your laughter and we cried with your sadness, tears and injuries. I think that our souls and destiny are tied together.

Now that we are in the second year of university, my sister and I are only Army and will be forever<3

Our mother has been army for about two or three years now. She loves their songs and loves all the members and calls them “my sons”. My mom always asks us if I can send them gifts or flowers?… She’s so cute^^

I hope one day I can go to a BTS concert with my mother and twin sister.

Thank you for all the moments we made and are going to make.

I made incredible friends, thanks BTS. After getting to know BTS, I behave more maturely and try to understand other people.

It is embarrassing to say it myself, but I feel that I have become kinder!

Infinite love from the three of us to seven normal boys in south korea :>






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