What BTS means to me

‪back in 2017, my friend who is an army keeps sending me bts photos and telling me to listen to bts songs everyday, most of my friends also like BTS at that time too, so I decided to search bts online, watch their videos and listen to their songs. After that, I discovered that they are not only handsome😍 but they are also 7 talented boys, composing their own songs and writing their own lyrics 🥺. I watched fake love mv and started searching their older videos. Jungkook caught my attention, then I stepped into the world of BTS and started becoming an army.💜 I decided to become an army because bts means a lot to me, they are not just an ordinary music group, they worked so hard for all armies around the world , sacrificing their free time , ignoring their health just for all of us.😭🥰 They are kind and generous, always donating money to help people which inspires me to help those who are in need. They also inspired me so much to become a better person and letting me know the importance of loving ourselves and others.Every single song ,words and lyrics echoed in my head everyday whenever I feel blank or lost, making me smile everyday and giving me the biggest motivation💜 I used to think negatively all the time back then, but after listening to bts’ songs, I learnt that I should be more positive and become stronger, they’ve went through a lot in order to debut so the things that I’m struggling with are just tiny things which I should not care about. They made me become a cheerful person, spreading happiness to others🥺💗.

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