We find them when we need them the most

It all started because of a youtube video where YouTubers reacted to kpop and the first somg they heard was dope by bts . I searched the song and i kinda liked it but i was not pulled into the fandom . Then after a year i saw micdrop on my tv and I absolutely loved It and also added it to my shower playlist but again i didnt know much about them . It was finally in 2019 that i again came across a YouTube video where this girl was singing the chorus of dna and it was stuck in my head and i was like i need to listen to this song. After that i felt like i was on an inclined plane and i knew i was gonna fall hard . 2019 the year i became an army was the worst year of my life (actually 2020 was the worst) as i had faced my first failure and my dreams were crushed . I couldnt make it to a medical college . I stared hating myself more and more . I blamed myself for everything and i felt like this self hatred was killing me from inside , but then songs like love myself and magic shop really helped me a lot . Their songs are very powerful And meaningful. Music has always been my healer and me becoming an army when i was absolutely broken makes me feel like they are my angels. Im trying to love my self more everyday and i truly want to thank bts for making music which are so meaningful . They are my hope my light my bts . 

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