True Love

May 18, 2018.  The day that changed my life. I was picking my grandkids up from school and they asked for my phone to play a video. While listening to the song, Fake Love, I asked my grandson who was singing. This was my introduction to BTS. I remember asking him if he understood what they were signing and he said “No, but I like the the dancing in the video”.  We got home and I asked him to show me the video. I looked up  BTS and the song lyric translation that evening and found myself crying as I listened to the song and understood the message.  It felt like someone FINALLY understood what I was going though in my marriage at that time. I had the words to describe how I felt being with a man who couldn’t see my unhappiness. I then went willingly down the (BTS) rabbit hole and found the courage to express my feelings and that I should love myself first.  With my newfound courage I was able to end a toxic marriage and find happiness in myself.  I have the message of BTS to thank for helping me to love myself and not be afraid to say what I want out of  life and that it’s okay to be me.  Cause I’m the one that I should love💜. The fact that they are 7 smart, adorable funny respectful humble human beings who give so much of themselves is the icing on the cake.  Thank you BTS for being such generous souls who spread love and kindness everywhere you go. BORAHAE 💙💜💙💜

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