To Samsung Ads and Beyond

I already heard of BTS way back in 2017 when they had a concert here in the Philippines, but I did not pay much attention since I was not into Kpop. Fast forward to 2020, and I was randomly playing YouTube videos while desperately looking for a job online when their Samsung Ad appeared.  I enjoyed watching them dancing and singing to Dynamite, that I realized I finished the entire ad! So I checked the Dynamite MV and I loved it! Since then, I started to watch more random videos until I got hooked all the way!

For me, BTS is not just a music group that performs on stage and makes fans scream and adore them. Their albums are always carefully and intelligently conceptualized. They make music with a purpose and send messages thru their songs. With this, they have united fans from across the globe. I have not known any music act that did the same thing so far.  So far, Magic Shop is my comfort song. When I am down, I listen to it then I feel better.

My ultimate bias is Suga because of his unique rapping style and dedication to producing music for the group. I also like his sweet and savage personality. :-). I don’t have a specific wrecker because I think the rest of them have already wrecked it hard on me lol!
I love all of them individually for different reasons and each of them has a special place in my heart.

They came into my life when I was at my lowest point. Getting to know them has made me less anxious now and made me view life more positively. I learned to accept my weaknesses and limitations. I am so thankful for them coming into my life and I will be with them for as long as it takes.

BTS has taught me how to handle the bashers in real life and how to manage myself in unpleasant situations. Also because of BTS, I feel young again. They bring back my sense of humor that the adulting life has taken away from me. This helps me go on with life.

I embrace their music and support them all the way. I respect their personal lives and will be happy to see them do the things they love on and off cam.  My ultimate goal is to watch them live in concert and to sing and dance with them. I want to enjoy that moment with my co-Armies. I am 100% sure, it is one of the biggest highlights of my life. For now, I am happy enough to receive my first merchandise, Winter Package 2021. I hugged the purple pouch as if I’m hugging them. It will always be special to me.

ARMYs, let us continue supporting and loving BTS in any way we can. Thank you to my newly-found ARMY friends, both local and abroad. I wish we can meet together when the time comes and celebrate our love for our men! Borahae!

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