They saved me

In 2020 covid happened and I really fell into a super dark place, my country and state was in lockdown for quite a while. We still had quite heavy restrictions going into early 2021, and by then I was really feeling so isolated and having some really dark moments. 

I don’t know how but I happened to be on Facebook and some clips of BTS performances came onto my feed, I had heard of them before but never bothered to pay any attention as I had no interest in KPOP.

My first ever experience with BTS was watching their MAMA black swan performance, I honestly teared up watching that performance. I had been a ballet dancer for 15 years, it was my dream and I was good at it, but to pursue a career in it was difficult and tough  – I gave it up because of pressure from myself, and parents – i am now in law school which is still something I like, but its not the same. 

I instantly fell in love with Jimin and his dancing in black swan, and I just continued to watch more performances (ON, mic drop, idol, dynamite) and was really drawn in by their dancing being a dancer myself. 

It’s so difficult to say this but I really think I found BTS at the right time for me, I was honestly having some really dark thoughts being in lockdown for so long – and BTS, their songs, their lyrics, their personalities, run BTS, all of their content was so uplifting. Even though I’m very late in becoming army in 2021, I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

They helped me fall in love with dance again after being so depressed having to stop dancing, I attended a few dance classes again, and started teaching a few ballet classes whilst studying law at university. It sounds cliche but they are one of the few reasons I wanted to continue on. I am crying whilst writing this because it is so difficult to reflect on that real dark period of time and how BTS and their music have brought me so much happiness. 


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