The Story Of A Girl Who Found Her Greatest Blessing

I am not good at telling stories but telling about how I found my way to BTS is a story I’ll never get tired to tell. Shall we start?

Once upon a time, in a world that most people are in quarantine because of a pandemic, a girl named, Vea, saw a lyric video of EIGHT by IU feat. SUGA of BTS. She listened to the song and was amazed on the rap part. She became curious of who is this guy named SUGA. She knew about BTS because they are really popular in her country, but she doesn’t really know who they are, individually. Then, she started to search them on the internet. Little did she know, it will be the start of her most beautiful moments in life.
The first video that she stumbled upon was the Carpool Karaoke with James Corden. It was such a fun to watch. After that she started to watch other compilation videos and started to listen to their music.
The first song she listened was “Spring Day” because she remembered that one of her friend told her to watch its MV; that it was a really heart-touching song. So she did. And it was indeed a beautiful song. Thanks to translations of the lyrics and beautiful MV, it made her heart melt.
Listening to their music made her fell in love so deeply. As days goes by, she started to realized why ARMYs around the world love these seven men so much! She fell inlove with their music, passion, personalities and love for each other and for their fans, ARMYs.
On May 9, 2020, a girl named, Vea, became an ARMY! BTS became her comfort and happiness in a world that seems to stop. BTS became her motivation and inspiration. BTS became her seven reasons. She found another family in BTS and ARMY.

As BTS and ARMYs celebrating their 8 years of togetherness, Vea is so happy and grateful to be part of the beautiful universe of BTS and ARMY. It was more than a year since her curiousity led her to her greatest blessing. And she will walk with them even until their journey as BTS ends. She will love them more than this life allow her to. She will choose them, everyday and always.

She is me.

They say “curiousity kills” but for me it’s the way I found my greatest blessing – BTS.
BTS songs are full of wonderful stories and messages and for us, ARMYs, BTS will always be part of our beautiful story.

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