I am mum of two and a vivid k-drama fan but for some reasons I have never listened to k-pop songs. I Chanced upon BTS in January 2020 when the pandemic was taking off I am a healthcare worker so the stress at work kept increasing after every shift. I was on Facebook one day when i saw a video of BTS about the hustle life of BTS in America there was a prank video where the members where kidnapped i taught it was a movie only to release they were artists. I quickly google them out and i was shocked to find out how big they are, I was skeptical but listened to ‘boy in luv’ which was my first BTS song. To be honest, I LOVED it then started listening to other songs ON, APANMAN, SPRING DAY,DYNAMITE, BUTTER, SUGA INTERLUDE, J-HOPE’S MIXTAPE and the like since then I have been addicted to their songs. During the pandemic I always play their songs at work to cheer the environment at work, people didn’t understand but you could feel the sense of relieve in listening to their soothing voice. I am surprised how I have become a strong ARMY¬† in a short period of time. I have never been a fan-base of any artist or celebrity i only listen to their song or watch their movie then it ends there but with BTS i can barely stay away from anything that involves them i watch BTS run every week and even watched those i missed before i became an ARMY.¬† The members truly are an inspiration to the Youth.

I love all the BTS members but my bias is J-hope.

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