The morning will come again…


My name is Shambhavi. I’m 17 and from India. 

Before telling about my dreams, I really want to thank BTS and especially Kim Namjoon for changing my perspective towards life. 

I came to know about kpop back in 2012 when the legendary song “Gangnam Style” was travelling around the world. That’s when kpop Gained my interest and a year later I was all over the new bighit boyband that debuted. 

Eversince I was a child of 4 or 5, my parents always told me how brilliant and sharp minded I am. They have been so happy about how confident I am on stage and what a strong stage presence I have. I’m glad about my god gifted talent. Who knew that this love for stage is only going to increase day by day to a point that all I wanna become is a performer and entertain the world… but as we all know that life is not all colors and Rainbows, it’s stone and pebbles for majority. I was no exception. Every Asian would relate with me when I say that I was forced to stop thinking about my music career as it won’t lead me anywhere (brown parent problems, uff) but me being me, How can I just leave my only source of happiness? In my case it was music, more specifically BTS. The once gloomy child started smiling, the once anti-social kid started talking, the lad that once started believing the dreams are nothing and it’s just fairytale started believing that dreams can come true as well. You can achieve something which might seem impossible if you have the courage. All the 7 guys whom I’ve grown so fond of, literally showed me a different part of life. A part I never knew existed. 

I’m in my last year of high school and hopefully would be in South Korea next year… why? To pursue my dreams as an artist or maybe a lyricist. Some compromises and sacrifices have been made, many tears shed… but as “someone” has rightly said, “after every harsh winter, we will come across the beautiful spring”


I wholeheartedly thank those 7 boys who changed my life for good. I can never not have enough words to thank them. 


A small thank you to Kim Namjoon for making me more mature. Thanks to Kim Seokjin for making me more confident in my skin. Thanks to Min Yoongi for making me learn how important hardwork is. Thanks to Jung Hoseok for making me learn that being happy and positive can make you overcome the biggest challenges. Thanks to Park Jimin for making me realise the worth of every small thing. Thanks to Kim Taehyung for making me learn that being myself is better than being someone who wants to be accepted by everyone. Thanks to Jeon Jungkook for making me realise that doing our best is very important.

Thank you BTS for everything. You might never know me but it’s a promise to you and myself that I will for sure make y’all proud. 


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