The day time stood still. 5/19/19

Hi let’s see how do I start My name Is Muñeca. (Yes it means Dolly i English.) That’s my nickname. But BTS Army Knows me has 엄마ladybug (MamaLadybug) I have two daughters wish I call the Ladybugs. That’s a different sorry but i. Here to tell you about My BTS Army experience. I first heard of BTS because the lil ladybug was talking to her friends how handsome Kookie was and do you know he has my nickname my My usto call me Kookie went i was a baby but thant she call me lil ladybug. Did you saw him and she was like very excited about this bit name kookie so i sit her down ask her who was kookie and to invite him over she was in 4 the grade  and i don’t want her to have a boyfriend but i will like for them to be friends and she started laughing like Mum kookie is not in my school i wish lol. So she had her tablet and show me pictures he belongs in a boy band. Mind you that day i had no interest i just look at her and said wow he is so cute and i didn’t had any interest just got her shirt of BTS and that was it. She tell me she’s being a fan since 2014 she was 8 yr old. She said they where teenagers. I totally had no interest i saw them a video and they where so cute dancing and a school bus came on the screen and i said very cool . But that’s was it this was 2016.

In 2017 my lil ladybug introduce me to the boys again  was so depress.thats year My Big ladybug Graduate from HS and i found my self in the fall with one kid at home and i was worry. One I’m a very sick human at so many health problems.and i have Fibromyalgia , pain 27/7 days a week no cure. I got my diagnosis in 2007. She was s Baby and my big Ladybug has being my ride or died girl she help me so much she made me look like a wander woman. In the lil ladybug eyes. So went she started collage i was like omg next is the lil going to be alone. No more babies. And she took me out of that funk the lil ladybug help me see that BTS was there i started listening to their music looking for translation videos but I was thinking still interested I was just there to bond with her so she had a poster that I bought her for having good great and she was so excited so she showed me and told me all their names mind you I am seeing at this poster and looking at their hair and looking at their white clothes and the shoes and I was like this is really cool. and then she told me their name mind you I’m very bad at names . So Namjoon in this posters he had blonde hair and the rest of the boys are all black hair and that’s why I remember his name but she told me it was Rap monster. I didn’t remember the other members name. And i said to her ladybug they are 7 boys they are so Young they can be my son’s that day she show me two videos one was fire and the other one Micdrop and I gave them  nicknames, so i can learn their names: Rap monster became Mr dimples, Mr Sweetheart is V. ,Mr Happy is J-Hope , Mr. Smiley is Jin, Mr. Sweetface is Suga, Mr. lips is Jimin and Mr Sweet Eyes is Jungkook. I was still not on Tweeter my social media for BTS was watching videos on youtube. Went ever i felt sad i heard this beautiful song Micdrop. She went to school one day and that day i was like wow this boys are awesome. Lil bit lil i became their fan but what will I be a fan i m an old mom. In 2017 i was 40 yrs old 🤣 and whatever the lil ladybug and i we were just fan and the boys where coming to the BBA i was so excited for them but still just a fan. They won and i felt asleep. And miss it . But again nothing much . One day I’m like hearing you can loving my self and i was like OMG did they just sang that you can’t stop me.loving my self and the lil ladybug say yup mum they are your son’s you always say i need to love myself look and that was it i felt down the rabbit hole this was summer 2018 . Just a fan remember i didnt ‘know what was Army yet bc i wasn’t informed or on BTSTweeter yet my husband comes and tell us that he got tickets for a concert for BTS this was like the after Christmas and i was like so I’m going to has the big Ladybug to bring you i can’t go my anxiety and my Fibromyalgia won’t let me enjoy it the big ladybug said Mum i can’t go i have work and campus life is alot 2 yr of college finales. So i said i take her. For month we where getting prepare learning their songs on the wings CD for the first time and her mama I literally to the day of today I have to stop because I cry when my Mr Happy says Hello Mom 😢💜🐞 it made me cry . May 19 2019 came and i was so nervous because I thought teenagers were going to be all around why a big surprise did I have to tell you that I felt at home but I feel loved since I enter the stadium is an understatement I got lost and army help me army was all around very kind it was nobody saying you don’t belong here I so grandparents without their grandkids in this concert I saw parents with their kids 40-year-old kids too 50 60 year old mom. I still didn’t felt i was Army I got lost going to my seat and I had rap monsters jersey of course and the little ladybug had JKs shirt and and this army said to me who is your bias who do you like and I said well I don’t like them I love them like they’re my own sons and this army said aww look at you a BTSARMY Mom and i was like yeah I’m could be there mom ,🤣no clue that is because i have a Daughter that is Army. We talk and she she went back to her seat not before telling me they were in Twitter and that’s how I found BTS on Twitter. I was  surrounded by more Army introducing themselves it was so cool i was at home at a concert that i didn’t want to go because of my fear. And thant the boys came and time stood still . My heart was in love with the son’s i wish I had they mad me cry a d may be proud went Jk flies above us singing euphoria. OMG. I was so proud and a lil bit worry. And the army behind us was screaming like a devil  she was like OMGGGGG is he F$#k Flying  omg I’m so sorry Mama Ladybug . She apoligize like the whole Concert. And thant the boys sang the last song Mikrokosmos . And tear just poor more and more mind you they where crying themselves before Jk and Suga where emotional Suga promised that he come back to MetLife stadium again to sing with us we will be back Armyyy u see. It was the last time I saw My Son’s. And twitter took me to Batido to praise to Japan and SKorea it was amazing i have know an BTS Army Family i love all my Moots and i have two BTS Army Daughters one lives in the UK and the other one lives in the US. They caol me Unnie  I have Army Sister in philippines, I have my Aussies Army Neice she call me Mama Bear Because i defend BTS and ARMy like hell I’m a sweet lady but don’t mess with my children and my family and don’t mess with the Army Noonas they need live too. i have  BTS Army Neices and Nephews and i found my BTS Army Soulmate.yeah Mary. I’m proud to say Army always respect me i never get drama and the love i share in my tweets  is purple love im here to bring joy the joy the boys give me. I’m one proud BTS Army Mom bc i belong to 7 boys that are changing the world they show me how to love myself again and  be my self. To never give up and RM made me so proud the day he spoke in the UN yeah my head was bigger that my ego 🤣🤣🤣🐞💜🐞💜🐞 be proud of who you are you are BTS Army find your rainbow and Be Someone’s Rainbow everyday, No matter the weather  you will rise up to be an amazing human.

So if you see my Good morning and Goodnight Moon tweet and you see a 🐞💜🐞🐞 that’s me your 엄마 ladybug .I’m studying Korean so i can visit SK one day with the lil ladybug and so i can understand the boys and the Kdrama. So far So has a beautiful culture and is a beautiful country. Can wait to visit.




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