The Beginning

I found the field for the BTS Rabbit hole in September of 2019. It was actually the middle of the night, a fateful accident – a measly bored click that changed my life.

First you must know, I used to dance. I did dance for a very long time; as a child and through my teens. I did jazz, tap, and ballet – and even dance competitions!  I do not dance anymore- teenage attitude and family issues slowly sucked the fun out of that. I do however – like group dancing. Like, a lot.

On that fateful early September morning, I was lying in bed surfing Reddit. I was new to Reddit and my algorithms unknown to us all, a very plain message stared at my face.

“Give it up for their Dancing.” Was the cue for me to click. I clicked, thinking, I like dancing right? It took me to BTS music video for Not Today.

I actually remember having a moment of like, “Okay wait, this is BTS. This is Korean. This is bright, and pink, and colorful. Are we sure we want to watch this?”

I watched.

I am so glad I did.

Seconds before the first chorus, when those jackets fly into the air – myself at 3am said aloud “Whoa” alone in my room. It was unlike anything I had seen. I watched the video. Mesmerized by the dancing. I watched it again.

I then listened to the same song over and over. I quickly found Mic Drop, as it was another fast tune and one YouTube music video eventually led me to another. I would stay up for hours and listen to the music, listen to it while I worked, then come home.

About two weeks later, I wanted to learn their names. I wanted to learn their names to of course figure out who was who, pinpoint the dance line names. I was able to point out Suga first. I watched factoid videos, funny videos, videos about each boy – I started first by watching the interviews on American Late Night TV.

I still remember my mind was blown when I found out my bias wasn’t a dancer. He didn’t take classes like Jimin obviously had, he didn’t want to dance – he was a rapper!  He made it look so flawless, so easy. And years later we learn he did it all through pain and a hurt shoulder. He’s simply amazing.

I am still listening and learning new BTS things today. My official Army day is September 27th. I seriously got into BTS MONTHS after this, perhaps about a year ago (March/April) and I heard Don’t Leave Me. Hooked, done.

I began lurking on Twitter and now almost 2 years later have found another family. BTS is huge on Love Yourself – which is so simple yet one of the hardest things in the world to do. I am learning more about myself, my family, what I think, and mainly – me. I am literally learning to love myself. And I am.

I love my Twitter family. I enjoy seeing their smiles and the happiness they bring me, as the boys bring them.

We are all one. 😀

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