Save Me

In 2017, my daughter discovered BTS while browsing music videos online and she instantly fell down the rabbit hole.  Her BTS story is a great one that I hope she shares with many.  
The next year, I bought her a GA floor ticket to the Love Yourself concert at Staples Center in hopes for her to get barricade.  The plan was to wait in line at 5 am on the day of (Friday), to secure a spot closest to barricade on the GA floor.  On the Monday before the concert, we drove by the Staples Center and to our surprise, there was a line already formed for GA.  There were at least 50 fans camped out and we panicked so I ended up staying there and slept in a chair that night.  The next day, my daughter brought me everything I needed to camp out til Friday. Keep in mind, I was doing this for my daughter.  At this point, I had no clue who BTS were, nor heard their music.
This was all new to me, but I knew how much my daughter wanted to see the boys up close to realize they are REAL.  The experience was unusual and overwhelming. I met many BTS fans and witnessed their love and enthusiasm for the boys.  I also noticed there were fans the same age as me.  Moms. I asked my daughter if I should attend the concert, she said it was up to me, so sure enough I bought a ticket (my biggest regret – not GA 😢). The feeling I had from being there is indescribable.  The cheers, the chants, the air, it is all hard to describe in words. But I knew at that moment they were special, and I am thankful they are a part of my life.  I know now that BTS saved me from a dark place I was entering at work.  Their music, Run episodes, BT21, Bon Voyage, and of course their unexpected random VLives made and still make life fun and richer!!! BTS helped me grow in many ways; I am no longer afraid to travel by air or try different foods.  I live to be healthy and happy, and do all things BTS.  For the rest of my life 🫶🏼 

pssst: my daughter got barricade and lots of fantastic videos of the boys up close 💜  

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