Nothing special, but there’s only 1 of me.

My story starts with just an average day channel surfing. I came across BTS performing, I didn’t know who they were at that time. It’s funny to write this but I honestly can’t remember which one caught my eye first, but not because of thier Good looks but it was as if “we” had made eye contact.  Lol crazy I know. Fast forward and I started off slow into the rabbit hole. Music videos, translations and all that comes with them. I came to understand the message they were speaking. For me it was like getting  reacquainted with my best friend. That one who always had good advice when you needed it, always told you “your worth it” Always welcomed you with laughter and a smile. My circle is filled with love ones. And yet I had a hole inside me that I always covered up, pushed aside just keep smiling was my daily motto. I believe you can usually  see one’s character just by looking at them. I believe when channel surfed that day and that instant, that eye, camera, contact was because it was something I needed. They found me and showed me that hole I had was just doubts and scared of stupid child stuff. I’m a 40+ adult why was I still “not loving myself” I could love everyone around me easily.  Why did I not “speak myself” I listen to everyone around me. That little girl who never felt like her words matter or was good enough to be good enough had built a shield with windows. Still present but still scarred. It took alot of self searching to admit that. Thanks to Korean translations to songs by these Amazing Group and everyone behind them. I identified with certain lyrics.  Slowly im becoming a better me. While I’m excepting myself I talk non stop about BTS to all those around me. Obviously some are fed up with it a couple have asked me questions. I push them on the younger ones because…honestly EVERONE needs a best friend who just want to lift you up. Thank you BTS and thier team for being Honest, genuine, and a long distance friend. You’ve done more for me then you could ever know. For that reason I WALK WITH YOU. 💜💜

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