My summer vacation ( with BTS) – From a high school math teacher, a new Army member

Every dark cloud has a silver lining; the Covid-19 is the current dark cloud in our life, but there is a silver lining that gave me a joyful summer vacation. Being a high school teacher, every break is very important; especially, a long summer vacation is a big part of enjoyment for most teachers. I’d been traveling every summer until last year, but stopped because of Covid-19. Last summer I didn’t feel that bad staying home and thought it was just a temporary thing. However, we were wrong. Before my summer break, my husband and I had been talking back and forth to decide whether we were going on a trip or not, but then thought about all the new variants and decided to stay home. I was disappointed, depressed, and wondering how and what I was going to do during my 2-month vacation. Thank God who opened a window for me. I joined the BTS fan club about a week into my summer break, which was the best thing I did this summer. I’d heard about BTS and was also influenced by my former principal who retired, but never thought about joining the Army club. To be honest, I’m a hard headed person about being a star chaser and I had never joined any fan club. BTS’ fan club is my first one and is probably going to be the last one for being a star chaser since they’re my stars that I love so much; their music brought me happiness and a joyful summer.

 I’ve learned a lot about the special team BTS, and have enjoyed watching and listening to all the BTS MVs. I’m amazed how in the world, everyone is inspired and engaged by their powerful music. I wish I could engage my students like them. I have to say BTS can also be described as  Best Team Spirit. While I was catching up on everything BTS has done in the past 8 years, I was wondering how I could have missed the best artist music in 8 years; I must have been very busy with my job. The first month I’d been watching all their MVs and I’d like to share some of my thoughts:

BTS is the best because when you watch their MV or listen to their songs, you can feel it.Their music is very inspirational, engaging, and empowering and they sing and dance with their hearts and emotions. They go all out and try very hard to bring the world a peaceful, joyful and wonderful life, bring spiritual support, and bring us life motivation and energy. They are not just artists and musicians, but also God-like and geniuses  because their music unites our world. You can get feelings and emotions even if you don’t understand the language of the song. Their dance is full of energy and emotion. Their music can heal your pain and troubles. I became a fan not because of their fame, but because of their humanity and personalities. The seven artists are seven angels to their fans; they try very hard to connect to them with their very busy schedule through a variety of media such as VLive, Weverse, etc. Each of them has their own talent, personality, and uniqueness that were chosen by God to match very well to make this team so special. They are brothers who help and take care of each other. When I was watching documentaries behind the scenes, run, and BTS in the soop, etc, I was strongly wondering if they were raised by the same parents. There is on word that can describe the feeling of my heart when I watch their show and touching tears fill my eyes.

The seven brothers as I observed: RM is a smart, talented, and compassionate leader, Jin is multi-capable with a special voice artistry, Suga swags with confidence and talent, Jimin is very sophisticated, affectionate, warm-hearted, sympathetic and kind, J-Hope is a ray of sunshine on top of the world, V is uniquely talented and attractive, Jungkook is a driving, dynamic, lively, and spirited. They are all very handsome in their own way that drives their fans crazy. Their singing, dancing, and every bit of action are immersed in our hearts, bringing us many beautiful feelings and yearning and love for life. They work very hard and are rich but they share their wealth to help locally and internationally. While I was trying to learn all about them, I found out they donated a good amount of money. They support UNICEF and donate money monthly. Their stretch far exceeds the realm that their age can reach. Their artwork can heal your sadness and bring you happiness and hope . The way they deliver their music does not have a language difficulty because you can feel it. Their music doesn’t separate ethnic, gender and age so everyone can enjoy it. This is why they united our world and their fandom is all over the world. I’m very proud to be an Army member and will continue to support and follow them.

Last but not least, thank you for being the silver lining in the current Covid dark cloud; thank you BTS for all you do for our world; thank you for your amazing work and keep up the fantastic work. Thank you so much Bang PD the father of BTS for developing such an outstanding and talented team. Please remember you’re always in your Fandom’s hearts. Be safe, healthy, and take good care of yourselves because the world needs your joyful music to bring happiness.

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