MY life before BTS

I had no goal , ambition , emotions in life I still remember the year 2017 , the first time I had entered the college I changed the subject from the one which I could give my life to the one where I had no interest. It seemed as if I was nothing but shell . My bestie saw the changes in me daily I had struggled so far to get into this university and that too for history but to change the subject just because I thought I don’t deserve history. Well to add on I had also undergone the worst breakup with my 6year relationship , he was hurting me to no self confidence and love finally I gave my everything and he cheated on with other girl. 

Yes I was suicidal I just closed myself in the shell of mine not felt like speaking to strangers for they all were happy satisfied. I could have died for I tried to quit at least few times.  Now she had enough and tried to help me in different ways one of them was music She asked me to listen and play in my guitar I really don’t know how but I came across Dope the first reaction was who are they , who ever it is it was nice then again came the song that motivated me to not to give up to struggle hard to just work for them , for my mom and myself. Well the song was Tomorrow. 

Well I don’t know if this small letter will get to you or not but I would sincerely thank you for making my life happier ,better and giving me the confidence to face life and myself . Thank you for giving me the zeal to never give up and work hard. Thank you for being the sunshine , light reason of my life.

Well now I am just a student who is going to join MA in history from next year. 



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