My journey to the purple land

My name is Emmaculate Baloyi and I am 20 years old.I live in South Africa ( Pretoria).Currently i’m on a gap year , my dream is to be an accountant.I love taking pictures , cooking , traveling and singing even though i am a bad singer.I am an introvert , i love spending time alone and lately i love sleeping a lot.I discovered BTS around April this year.My journey to the purple land started when I saw a video of BTS singing boy with luv on Tik Tok and I fell in love with that song immediately.I started to watch their MV on YouTube and I fell in love with everything they do.As a “baby army” i’m still learning more about BTS.My journey to the purple land is exciting , adventurous and full of joy.I am so proud to be part of ARMY , armys are the wonderful people I’ve ever met.I enjoy watching run BTS a lot.BTS’s songs makes me happy and I just can’t wait to go to their concert.I love BTS with all my heart.I wish to be as intelligent as RM , I wish to be a great dancer like Jhope he moves his body so freely , I wish to be cool as JungKook , I I’m in love with Taehyung’s voice , I wish to be confident as Jin , with jin’s confidence I can achieve anything in love.I wish to be cute and humble like Jimin and I also wish to play a guitar , drums ┬álike Yoongi.I fell in Love with Basketball because of Yoongi.Since I started to Stan BTS I’ve become happier and my skin is glowing.I’m so proud to be part of making history , topping charts , collecting awards and making history with BTS.

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