In 2018, it was during July I was talking with my friends. Before I start I’ll let you know that I’m in girl’s school. Few girls in my class were ARMYs back then and I would go to ask them that who is BTS and why they were so obsessed. Then they would make weird faces at me so I used to ignore it but less did I know that soon I would fall for them. That day I started to have interest in BTS so I searched them on messenger, Facebook, YouTube and in whatnot. In messenger I found a story bot suddenly which was for Suga mainly. So when I started reading the story I was more attracted towards it and then I fell in love with Suga’s personality. I thought why not know about it more. I went to YT and started searching about BTS. So when I knew about them more I thought I would become an ARMY too. Sorry I forgot to tell that I had a best friend that time and she became ARMY with me. I thought everything would go perfectly for me I was a fan but wasn’t an ARMY wholely. When it was November my final exams started and ended in December 10th after it ended I went for vacation at my grandma’s house.

In 2019, this year I had to prepare for my board exams in November and was really important year for me. Also another story before I go farther because it’s a really important part where it all started in a huge amount, which was the reason I was stressed a lot and in depression. As I said I had a bestie that’s what I thought actually but I was so damn wrong. She turned out to be a snake. When she needed to contact with her BF she used me and when done she left me and befriended with another snake during that time I was really hurt. I don’t even remember the amount of nights and tears I spent crying. But that year I become stronger I promised myself I won’t care or worry about those people who change their colours anytime soon. I was really stressed but still I was preparing for my exams and luckily my hard work paid of. In my 8th standard I got A+ in all subjects. That’s when I decided I don’t need any friends or boyfriend or anyone I’m enough for myself. So I become more attached towards BTS that time the songs were helping me also. And that year was a painful one for me but the best if I be honest.

And guess what 2020 and 2021 are the luckiest and happiest years for me. Specially 2021 I felt like this year made me my bestest version and even tho I was in depression sometimes but I don’t care. For me I found my eternal happiness, my galaxy, my love, my everything. If I say thank you to the boys it’ll never be enough because what they do is something so beautiful and amazing. The effort and hard work they put in everything they do is an heart and I’m thankful to my God billion times for sending 7 angles in earth. They say no one is perfect but for my BTS is perfect. RM, Jin, Suga, Hobi, Jimin, Tae, JK these 7 boys are most perfect because beauty isn’t everything it’s the heart that is important. And even writing this I feel like I’m not done yet I have to write more it’s not describing them enough not even 1%. Do you boys know why?

Because you are the best. You deserve everything in the world tell me it’s happiness, love, care, attention, success, money, fans? EVERYTHING!! The way I found my galaxy, I found my stars, I found my happiness I pray that you find it too. No one can love us the way you do, no one can make us laugh the way you do, no one else is crazy like you 7 and ARMYs. From my heart and everything I have I pray to be a part of this craziness always. To be with Bangtan boys till the end because BTS and ARMY is together forever to infinity ♾️. I can’t look anywhere else forget about falling but everyday I look at you 7 I fall a trillion times. You inspired me to walk on my own path and do whatever I want. To keep hard working and not lose my confidence.

Now I became a stronger person in these 2 years you guys helped me find my true happiness. And now I know what I want to become I have stopped caring or listening to what people say. I’m not afraid anymore I learned to always chase my dreams from RM, gained confidence from Jin, savageness from Suga, always to smile from Hobi, loving and cherishing others from Jimin, being myself from Tae, giving my best in everything I do from JK. In short BTS HAS TAUGHT ME TO LOVE MYSELF AND SPEAK MYSELF, BE WHATEVER I WANT.

And now all I have to say is BTS has given me so much more than I probably never imagined. They loved me so much that I started loving myself even more. They found me and gave me shelter from a scary and unknown place. I want to tell you guys that now I’ll do my best to love you and support you even if it means fighting the whole world. Your and my togetherness is forever to infinity this will never end even if we die. 💜BTS BOYS YOU ARE MY GALAXY AND IM A STAR IN IT I’LL FOREVER BE WITH YOU, LOVE YOU, SUPPORT YOU WITH ALL MY HEART. YOU WERE WITH ME WHEN I NEEDED SOMEONE TO HOLD ME MOST. YOU ARE MY HOME AND MY DESTINATION and now I CAN’T STOP LOVING YOU.

Thank you so much for showing me what I was missing 🥺. 

To my beautiful galaxy,.             BTS 💜🌌

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