My ARMY Adventure

Annyeong 🙂 My journey to becoming an ARMY is not the common story. My basis for saying this, is because ALL the ARMYs that I encountered either became an ARMY because of a song, or a member, or an event in their life.

For me, it was a different story…

I was going along with my daily “usual” life. And by “usual” life, I mean taking care of my family (because I am a stay at home mom), doing my chores and my errands. And in between my itinerary was two shows — Kdramas and the Graham Norton Show (GNS). I had been a Kdrama addict since the “Boys Over Flowers” era and the GNS has kept me entertained because of his humor and hosting skills.

As we all know, our lovely boys appeared in the GNS. To be really honest, I kind of told myself that i wasn’t going to patronize Kpop. This was because I had been hearing a lot of things about this industry. I wasn’t happy with the information I got… that the Kpop idols were being mistreated and they work like crazy, almost like slaves. I had the impression that the Korean culture had parents brainwashing their kids that being a Kpop idol was the best thing they can become and if needed, they have to undergo surgery to become pretty. And worse, even at an early age. 

So when I saw our boys perform at the GNS, I was indifferent with them. I wasn’t liking or disliking them in anyway. Because for me, it was just another song number since the format of the show has been like that — the guests are interviewed, they all have a good chat and in the last 15 minutes, there will be a song number and the artist will be interviewed in the couch. Little did I know that, THAT interview will turn things around. (laughing now at the memory of it kekekekekeke).

BTS wasn’t new to my ears. Somehow, I heard about them and I knew they were one of those kpop groups. But to my surprise, Graham started showing the TIME MAGAZINE cover, and a picture of our boys delivering a speech in the UN Assembly. Boy! I wish I could have taken a picture of myself that time, if only you could have seen my face!!! I was like…”Seriously? What’s happening in this world? Has TIME MAG lowered their standards in choosing their covers? And UN?

But thanks to my “open-minded” character, I snapped at shocked me. And so I told myself, “Uh-uh girl…if TIME MAGAZINE branded them as “next generation leaders” and UN making them talk, then there’s got to be something about this group.

So, the first thing I did was watch their UN speech. Then, the random video that followed was their title medley in Wembley. After watching these two videos, I came to the conclusion that things wasn’t working. I mean, I am 5o years old and I am not the kind of person that gets hooked by just a good performance. Then VOILA!!! There it was, the random videos were all in front of me… By random videos, I mean the documentaries about them. So, I started watching them:

“The Real BTS”; “BTS Hardships”; “Bring the Soul”; “Burn the Stage”; “Break the Silence”, then their concert makings including their opening and ending comments, and more.

And that was it! After watching all these videos, all I had to say to myself was…”How can you not fall in love” with these kids. Yes, KIDS…Because that is how I love them…as a mom with seven wonderful sons.

I mean, really? How can you not love them? They are the most sincere, humble, true, honest, sweet, simple human beings I have ever seen. Pretending? Because they are in front of the camera? NO SIR. Because CONSISTENCY is the name of the game. A person can only pretend to a certain extent. The real one will surface in the long run because he will get tired of pretending eventually.

These are boys who knows about social responsibility; they are boys who does  not only talk the talk, but walks the walk. 

So, what is BTS to me. BTS keeps me preoccupiedly happy. They are a great stress buster. Why? Because when I watch them, I become a complete LAT.

L= I laugh like crazy because they are effortlessly funny.

A= I am amazed and in awe at their wisdom, considering their age. They can be crackheads, but they know when and how to rise to the occasion. When it is time to get serious, they speak about lessons in life that inspires and encourages people.

T= I am touched with their bond. Not friendship, but bond.  And I mean all of them. I wish people will stop making “romantic” notions about them. I mean, seriously, they are not gay and they are not in any relationship. Taehyung already strongly spoke about this. And we are giving the haters a reason to lash at us with this shipping. I mean, if we ship them, ship for their sibling bromance. It is such a genuine and beautiful friend-family relationship. Let’s not tarnish it.

So, that is my ARMY journey. I call it an adventure. In conclusion, let me just say, that I have never become a fan of any artist in my younger years. I like music, songs and dances, but it was more of a “per song” basis. I actually find it funny that I became a fan in my 50s. But then again, their is no age limit to appreciating talent and hard work, right? I only wish I could see them in person and tell them that I am  thankful, that BTS happened in my lifetime. And always, I will be a proud mom for them…laughing at their antics, celebrating their success, and cry with them in their sadness. BORAHAE!!!

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