my 7 dorks

april 20, after 1 month going into lockdown, i’m getting bored of working from home. wanna hear new music,  I know bts before but never really know their songs. start searching for songs and found Idol and the beat is quite catchy so i start dancing. and to realized their performance is super cool. i search for tutorial and start learning their choreograpy. then suddenly lockdown was become fun. I remember a friend who try to introduce me to bts but i wasnt interested by then. she was so excited that i like Idol and she introduce me to 4 ballad songs, i instantly looove coffee.. (its my ringtone until know) and my 2nd favourite is truth untold. V’s voice is so deep. And i love deep voice (i love il divo, josh groban, andrea bocelli).

a week after she asked me to learn their lyric. the 3rd song magic shop and 4th song mikrokosmos makes me gasp. theres song like this??.. where have i been.. the lyric is so genuine and healing. i was so excited that i stayed up all night to learned their other songs. every songs i found makes me even more fascinated.. who makes songs with this high quality lyric.. how come i never know these songs.. i keep diving and diving the internet.. going deep into the rabbit hole.

i start my twitter account because of bts, i want to know more. i know nobody there. but ARMY are sooo kind. i found adult moots so i can start talking with fellow adults about bts how a admire their songs.

then came festa. i dont wanna spend money to watch online concert. but i can see how my moots so excited about it. makes me search previous bts concert. and  again that aww me.. their concert is so powerful that i start crying.. i wanna be there. wanna be able to experience it. then amazing things happen.. one of my wants to give me ticket to watch mots:one concert.. she asked for my paypall and send money for me to buy it.  i cant believe it how a person can be so kind to do that.

and as you may predict it change my life. i proclaim my self BTS ARMY while watching it. i see how they are talented dorks who are not afraid to show their feelings . i cry watching jimin cry. I laugh at JK, V and Jin doing funny things on stage.

As i go deeper into rabbit hole. bts songs start heals me.. i start finding my whole me. because of my works i have to had leader persona. and without realizing it i’m trapped on that persona thinking thats me the only me. i become stress and hating my self whenever my work is not according to my expectation. 

listening to map of the soul, both album i start to found out about my self, my ego my shadow. I become fun again. i have my dork sides comes out after 15 years being serious leader i’m no longer deny my flaws, my worries  i accept it and i embrace it. it makes me super duper happy.

then i start their behind the scene and… i fall in love with this 7 most genuine people on earth i know.. they are so gentle, pure.. and chaotic at the same time. how they love and take care of each other is so heartwarming to watch. their eyes when they saw other member perform, how they adore their member. no teamwork stronger then what they have i guess.. they are family. Love their kind humble and respect attitude toward other people. i think that whats will make me stay as army for a long time.

I really wants to thank them of what their impact on me. so i together with my friend who introduced me to bts initiated our first project for jin’s birthday. to celebrate his love for food we gave tood to 55 elderly in 5 cities. then we want to know other adult army in indonesia, for V birthdays we have idea to start a free pre kindergarden for scavanger kids. we brave our self to ask for ideas for the preK names. and turn out lots of army give ideas and show their interest to join the initiatives. s it  start with 2 and now we are 16. our gorup name is bintang ungu (purple star) as bts always picture army as purple star on the night sky. and we become besties ever since. we create 2 more project after that. donating 3500 cloth to under previledge citizen (we got notived by K media for this!!) and donating 1000 books for fellow ladies inmates in ladies prisson.  Currently we are doing the bts sharearemeal initiatives and will donate more than 1000 food package to the needs.

more important is that we found new family. we talk with each other everyday and we support and encourage each other. i know that i have bestfriend for live thank you bts. hope you guys will always be heathly and happy

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