Lost, Then Found

To show where I am now with BTS, I guess for me it’s best to start what began my journey. In 2018, October 2018; I lost my best friend unexpectedly, in the form of my mom. This was the most painful thing I’ve been through since my dad died, so here I was just grown woman who felt like an orphan. I don’t know how to deal with the pain I didn’t know what to feel anymore about anything, and if I DID feel it get wrong. I felt lost and alone. I don’t know how I found a BTS, but I was on YouTube and they had been on Jimmy Fallon, so I thought heck they’re cute when I played it and I was mesmerized. The joy their smiles it touched a nerve in my heart. So I looked them up on YouTube, trying to find out who they were, where were they were from, what their names were, how to say their names properly… and their music, oh my gosh, their music just opened my heart, I felt like with their music I could cry, but not only could I cry, but I could be happy and it felt weird to be happy because my mom was gone. But I know truly that she wouldn’t want me to be sad.  My world has changed, but it felt better before. I feel like a BTS brought color back into my life and only did they bring color, they brought ARMY into my life and with ARMY they brought me a new family.
After my mom died my sister and I stop talking, I don’t know why and even trying to reconnect with her I just couldn’t do it, and so I just felt even more alone. But then you bring ARMY into the picture and they have my best friends and people I never knew that I was missing until they were there. So BTS help me find my smile and help me feel something again. But with that they brought a feeling of ‘I want them to have the world’, because they gave me back my world. How can thank somebody for that? It’s something so priceless, but they did it. So I love them with all my heart forever. I will forever support them and lift them up the way they’ve lifted up so many of us. It’s like you’ve found this beautiful thing and you will do what you can to not only see them succeed, but to thrive as well. They’ve earned that kind of dedication.
When they say you don’t find a BTS, BTS finds you, and they won’t find you until you need them, I believe it’s 100% true, I really do. I have no idea what my life would be like without them now, and without ARMY.

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