How BTS found me.


My life could be it’s own book or a Lifetime Channel movie. Things started out well, parents divorced when I was ten & we moved in with my grandparents. The years living with my grandparents were pretty great, but after my grandmother died, my mother moved us to Florida and my life became a sad drama. I ended up marrying the wrong guy for the wrong reasons and it ended in divorce. I’ve been single for the past 17 years. A little over 3 years ago, I had been following another kpop group but heard BTS was going to be on the AMAs so I watched it. And that, my friends, was when I fell head first into the rabbit hole. I had thought they were arrogant and brash, but after just trying to find out who was who, and which one was the oldest, I discovered just how exceptional each member truly is. Their performance grabbed my attention but their hearts and souls have kept me here and made me part of their ARMY.  Their message of “Love Yourself” really helped me begin to accept myself and to realize I’m the one I should love. I get so much wisdom and positivity from these 7 young men from South Korea. They came into my life when, though I had my faith in God & knew He loved me and was by my side, I was feeling worthless and alone here on earth. Now I have 7 young men on the other side of this planet who tell me they miss me & that I matter and, though I’m terrible at it, I’m starting to make new friends in this ridiculously huge family called ARMY. 💜

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