At first, I didn’t knew anything about outside world. I only knew some of the American singers such as Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift. 

One day, in school; I heard the Fan Chant. I was stuck in the names and wondered about the people but my curiosity on lasted for a few hours.

One day. my best friend suggested me to watch korean dramas. I didn’t wanted to at first but she forced me and said that I will like it. 

As she said, I really liked them. Once an ad popped up, it was a music video. The name of the MV was ‘Magic Shop’. 

The song nearly made me cry and healed me at the same time. While listening to it, I didn’t knew the meaning it was after that I searched for it. But at that very moment I felt the song with my heart. 

Even before knowing the meaning, the song touched my heart. Every night I used to cry with my pillow but now I listen to ‘Magic Shop’ and smile. 

Like everyone says, first you listen to the music, searches for their names, sees some more funny video like RUN BTS and then you are inside a room which you cannot escape. 

I may not be here since the start but I promise to stay till the end. By end I mean the day I die. 

Your music plays a very important role in my life. It is like chocolate to me. Smooth and sweet.  

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