Carpool Friends

  • BTS and I first met in 2013 through my daughter. She discovered them, and played them quite often (such an understatement). While rap is not something I listened to at all, I thought BTS was good. Usually if I like the music, I like it better if no one is singing. But with BTS, I found myself liking their vocals. It was almost like they were an integral part of the score. I really thought Line was sensational, and made sure my daughter played it everyday in the car on that way to and from school. We would play their music and she would catch me up on anything new. What I loved about them was that every song was completely different. I listened to them in the car for a few years, and then Fire came out. The ground shook, and I fell down the rabbit hole. Line made me stand up and take notice of them, Fire made fall, and Truth Untold settled deep into my soul and made me never want to leave. My story isn’t so special, but it has good mother/daughter memories. We won’t talk about what my son thought about those car rides. There’s a different story about good mother/son memories.
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