BTS, the heroes of my life

When I was in a time where I always said I just want to disappear I don’t want to live anymore, I was so down. In school nobody talked to me, they used to always make fun of me when I talk or do anything. I didn’t have friends… I was so lonely, I felt that I was alone in this world and nobody felt about me. I always prayed to God to make me happier and give me friends. Then one day I opened Youtube as usual and there was my happiness waiting for me. In my watch list there was a strange video I never saw before, so I decided to open it and they were BTS!!! I don’t know what really happened but when I saw that MV and it was the first time for me to see them, I felt something strange. People make fun of me when I say this so I don’t really tell anyone about it, but when I first saw them I felt as if I knew them a long time ago. I really felt that I know them even though it was my first time seeing them. And there I started seeing BTS’ videos “RUN BTS”, “MVs” and all the other videos. They really changed my life, they became my friend and I was like “Why would I need any friends if I have BTS with me” even the closest people to me didn’t do what BTS did. Until now I don’t have any friends but I don’t care about having friends here because I have the most awesome friends there in Korea “BTS” who else do I need? I used to listen to “Magic Shop” a lot because I felt that that song was about exactly what I was feeling back then. “Magic Shop” and “Butterfly” really helped me overcome my hard days. Of course, all of the songs helped me overcome a lot of difficulties, but these two helped me to overcome the sadness that I felt a lot of time ago. Nowadays I listen to ‘Life Goes On” “Dynamite” and all the “BE” album, I love this album a lot. And now every time I feel down I just listen or watch to BTS and after that, I feel refreshed, so I really thanks God so much that he sent me those 7 boys to make me feel the life and live happy again!

I really wish to meet BTS one day to be able to thanks them face to face, but if that didn’t happen I really want them to know that there is a girl who was recently moved to Canada back then, who was new to everything, a girl who was depressed and lonely. And now it wasn’t that anymore, they made her feel alive and smile again!

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I thank you guys for changing my life and making it a more cheerful and happy life. I love you all so much and I will always be an ARMY! I’m so proud of myself that I became an ARMY. Thank you so much, guys. I purple you all 🙂

Forever we will be together! Borahae

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