BTS- The 7Stars To Change My Life

My life wasn’t more than hell. Everyone just hated me I had no hope to continue my life in that way. I tried ending my life twice but there came someone the 7Stars of my life who changed me actually, changed my life, they changed me. It was like a new life you know like reborn, I got the happiness I had always wished for though my parents in the beginning didn’t liked me always being into my stars but they gradually understood why they are my stars. I never had the courage to speak about my feelings my problems in front of everyone, but now I boldly speak that I want to be happy in my life, I want some space to be me…they taught me to live. Today I thank myself to wait and let them come…and yes BTS wasn’t the first group I stanned but none of the other groups gave me the happiness of life…they told me the real meaning of love. Most of my friends have boyfriend’s and crush’s too and for them obviously their first love…but for me what my life taught me what my 7stars taught me, my first love is ME MYSELF. They give me hope, courage, happiness, fashion and everything I had since always wished…Sarangae

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