Being been an anxious and introverted teenager, I had always underestimated my potential and seldom ventured out of my comfort zone. It was easy for me to make friends but never let them see the real me. This changed a couple of years ago when a friend introduced me to BTS’s songs. Their songs are extremely emotional and meaningful. I got curious about them and started watching more of their videos. BTS’s songs made me realize the importance of being confident in my abilities and stepping out of my bubble. In the song “Love Yourself”, BTS emphasises trusting and loving oneself “when in a maze”. The lyrics inspired me to reflect on my personality and abilities. They helped me accept myself, understand my flaws and strengths, and encouraged me to build on them for personal growth. I tried to be more open which resulted in me having really close friends. Last year as COVID-19 emerged I got into a fight with one of my best friends resulting in me breaking down. I didn’t know who to talk too but BTS came to the rescue. Their songs make me smile and forget everything else. I also joined Twitter where I got to meet really amazing ARMY friends. BTS helped me get through hard times and become my supporter. They inspired me to learn new things. I started learning Korean and explored Korean culture. I don t regret falling in love with BTS for even a second. Fangirling them was the best decision I have ever made. 

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