I am a single mom of 2 teens, 47 years young. I discovered BTS in 2019. Prior to this I was going through a bad breakup from 2017 which became a health issue. So it was a lot to deal with. I actually stopped listening to any kind of music at that time. The saying is true when you are happy you enjoy the music but when you’re sad you understand the lyrics. So I just didn’t want to be reminded of anything so I just stopped listening to music altogether. I only listened to talk radio or podcasts. And if I did on the very rare occasion listen to anything it was old skool R&B from my highschool-university days. Which would bring me nostalgia and not any bad feelings or memories. 

Itwas until 2019. New Years Eve. I decided to watch NYC NYE special in Times Square. BTS shows up and performs Boy With Luv & Make It Right. To say I was instantly intrigued is an understatement. As soon as it was over the next week or so I was watching everything on YouTube about them. Finding out their names and watching MVs to YouTube reactors. I watched “From Nobodies to Legends 2019” and I just cried. I still show that video today to anyone I can talk to about BTS. 

I have read comments in their videos about how they have saved so many people. Young and Old. And I can be included in that story as well. Their impact on people is something I have never experienced before. I used to dismiss k-pop as others do now. But entering the world of BTS, falling down the rabbit hole. I would never go back. My regret is I didn’t discover them sooner. 

I also joined Twitter for BTs only and have met so many ARMY moms and Noonas it’s a whole new world. I have such respect for these now men. The things they stand for. The things they do for us. How they appreciate us, their life and this ride. They all know this ride is not going to last forever so they appreciate every moment. I have never been so touched by music and a group or artist in my 47 years. These group of men are special. I have the utmost respect and love for them. I will be ARMY for life. (Might even move to Korea to retire) 😊 My life now is filled with BTS. My playlist in my car is all BTS. My kids know I love them. They make fun but they do not disrespect me and have even chosen their own bias’. I will never tire of them. In my eyes, they never gave up against all the hardships they endured; I will never give up on them. 

I still get a lot of backlash and negative comments about loving BTS. Why is a grown ass woman-mom pining over “boy band group”. I used to try to explain and show and prove. Now I just say they make me happy. Period. 

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