A Traumatic Time

Hi! My name is Empress (not my real name), I discovered BTS around 2015-2016. I was in an abusive marriage, the abuse started after I caught my husband cheating. I left him after 2 years of enduring it. I became depressed and thought that my marriage falling apart and my husband cheating was all my fault and this lasted for months. One day I just wanted to forget everything, so I got my phone and just scrolled thru social media. While scrolling I saw a picture of 7 smiling boys. I was intrigued because the way they smiled were different, the smiles I saw were genuine, I couldn’t explain it at that time. But seeing their smiles were like a ray of sunshine for me. I got curious, googled them immediately and found out they were a kpop group called BTS. So I started listening to their music, I didn’t understand a word they were saying but I liked their voices and the beat of their music was really good that I was bopping my head to them. Next thing I know I was watching their MVs, their dances, looking up their names, etc. After a few months, my family noticed a difference in me, they said I started talking to them again, smiling and they can even sometimes hear me singing or see me dancing in my room. As time went on I fell in love with these 7 boys who made me smile again. Whenever I hear their songs or see their videos I feel happy. I love them not only for their songs but also for who they are. They have shown me that not all bad things that happen in our lives are bad (if that makes sense to you), because we learn from them, we grow from them and it makes us stronger and better. For me, it made me realize that I am capable of being independent and that I am a strong person and a person that should be respected. That there is nothing wrong with loving myself. To this day I still love BTS and I will never stop loving them and supporting them. I am forever grateful that I found them at the time when I needed them the most. I am forever ARMY. Thank you 방탄소년단 . Borahae 💜

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