A day may come when we lose, but it is NOT TODAY!

Hi, I am a 51 year old mother of two, a 23 year old son and 13 year old daughter.   Both of them do not like K-pop; however, in May 2018, my son, Caleb, introduced me to K-pop as a joke.  He knows I typically do not like pretty boy bands, but I used to love N-Sync for their dance moves.  I guess he thought maybe I’d like Big Bang. I didn’t.  They were too much for me.  Then, he showed me BTS’s video, “Blood, Sweat, and Tears.”  Meh.  They’re cute and can dance really well, but they look snobby and serious. I don’t like them.  He gave up.  Fast forward to September 2018, I heard that BTS was asked to speak at the United Nations assembly and introduce their “Love Yourself” campaign.  It was primarily focused on youth.  Even though, I was far from being a “youth”, I recall struggling as a young person.  I was abused as a child, so I hated my life back then and was so angry all the time.  I never allowed myself to be happy, have fun, and enjoy life.  Hated any pop music or cute things.  I listened to RM’s speech and was very impressed.  I decided to give BTS a second chance.  I searched on YouTube and found a video of BTS making fun of themselves.  September 2018, after watching them act like absolute goofballs, I became an ARMY!  LOL!  These guys are absolutely nuts, but, wow, are they cute and BOY can they dance!

After watching “Not Today,” I identified with being “an under dog” and when they said, “there may be a time when we will lose, but it is not today!”  The entire message of that song was what I needed to hear at that time.  I was in the process of figuring out why I was losing my mobility and balance.  Finally after over 45 years and a genetic test, I found out I had an incurable, chronic disease and that I was going to lose my mobility (muscular dystrophy).  I wanted to quit and let it get the best of me, but BTS said “not today!”  Now, this has been my mantra!  So many of BTS’s songs have hit me right in the feels or strengthened me to the point of being ready to conquer the world.  Then, you add their goofy, hilarious V-Lives and Run BTS!, it is absolutely impossible to be down.  BTS has also taught me that it is ok to laugh at myself.  When I even try to fret or cry, my ultimate bias, J-Hope, or BTS releases an album or song that gives me the energy I need.  I am so thankful for BTS.  They’ve made my life fun again.  My husband and kids are very supportive of my BTS madness.  Thankful for ARMY friends I’ve met from around the world as well.  Being an ARMY has definitely changed my life for the better. Borahae!

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