♡ magic shop ♡

officially joined army 23rd january 2021 , it was the best decision ever , i haven’t listened to k-pop for a while but bts made me fall back into it , and it’s worth it , to be honest , i listened to bts’ songs since 2015 ( i was 8 years old ) . the reason why i became an army is actually , i was at my lowest and im so tired of everything even my family . to be honest im about to suicide . i even wrote a suicidal notes to my parents . but yeah im still alive and bts is the reason . i don’t know how but suddenly magic shop was on my youtube , and i listened to it , i cried a lot that day , i listened to it over and over again , so i decided not to suicide but still i want to hurt myself , i was stubborn . but your lyrics keep playing on my mind so i didn’t do it , and i started to be one of your fans . bts saved my life when nobody knows i needed saving , they comfort me with their songs . im always proud to be an army 💜 i will stay with you guys for the long run . thank you for making my hard time easier . everyone tell me to love myself but you guys show me how to love myself . please be happy always and be safe also stay healthy . i think that’s all i need to say . sorry for bad grammar 🙂 borahae ♡ 

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