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UPDATE Oct 17, 2022

By now you’ve all heard the news that BTS will be enlisting in the ARMY, so I thought, what better time than now to follow up with a second book. Many of you said that you regretted not sharing your story earlier, but now you’ll have a second chance. Cut-off date for ARMY submissions is Feb 28, 2023. Let’s support our guys during their enlistment by telling them how much they mean to you.  

Borahae, Marion

Original post

Hey ARMY, Namjoon and BTS want to hear your stories… In June 2021, they talked about wanting to know about your dreams, where you live, and more. So shout it out. Now’s your chance!

Namjoon and stories

I’d love to hear from ARMY around the world. So, if you’re a dad, a mom, a nurse, a teacher, a grad student, an aspiring artist, or something in between… tell me how you discovered BTS and how it changed your life, etc. All submissions will be displayed on the website. Certain stories and/or excerpts will be selected for inclusion in my book, Discovering BTS: an unexpected journey. If yours is chosen, I will contact you via email to request permission. 

Note: You can submit your stories in your own language, though I prefer English for selfish reasons.  Regardless, I want to hear from you. Also, there’s no cut-off date. Even after the book is published, the website will still be accepting stories. Let’s keep this going. Also, here’s a tip for you. Write your story in your word processor and when you’re ready, simply copy and paste on our website. 

Once you have completed the registration process, you can submit your story. Please note, signing up for the newsletter and registering to share your story are two different things. Signing up for the newsletter via the Home Page will not let you share your BTS story.

While you’re composing, you will be able to save it as a draft. After you submit your story, you’ll still be able to make revisions or add to it by logging in and going to your account. 

Your submission will be subjected to review. If I feel the content is not related to the intent/purpose of this site or contains remarks that are offensive and/or defamatory to BTS and/or our readers, your account will be terminated.

Note: By submitting your story, you are giving me permission to include it (or any excerpt) within my book(s).  Please see our Privacy Policy for further information.

Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts.

MJ Chard

Submit your story – book two

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